Monday, April 30, 2012

Komatsu PC1000SE-5

Here's one I did a while ago when living in Japan. While I'm pretty happy with all the models I made while living in Japan, I was working in a small apartment with very basic hand tools. The resulting models were not up to the standard I would be capable of if I would have had a more professional setup. Hopefully now, with my large garage and workspace, I might be able to up the quality of the models I'm making. Now to get time to do it.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kobelco SK09

This week I managed to buy a model I've been looking for, for a very long time, the Modeling Ashiya Kobelco SK09 - as rare as hen's teeth. As far as I'm aware, there were three variants made, a Kobelco K909A, a MDI Yutani MD180LC, and a Kobelco SK09. However, I have been told that there were four variants.....and perhaps the other one is a Kobelco SK07. If anyone has any information on this, it would be much appreciated. Now, I have the three that I'm aware of, however I do not have the fourth, if it exists....

In the meantime, here are a few pics of my latest acquisition:

Long Time, No See

I've been absent from here for about a year now...actually, make that two. A lot has happened in that time. A massive earthquake and tsunami while I was living in Japan, to returning home to Australia and working my butt off to get a job in the mining industry. Currently I am driving haul trucks (CAT 789 & 793, and Komatsu 830E), in a mine in New South Wales. It leaves me little time, however I hope to get back to modelling soon. I am planning a heap of interesting stuff, including a few rebuilds of previous projects and a new project involving Hitachi mining excavators. I'll keep you updated, hopefully with some pics.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Working Car Museum Nagano はらたくじどうしゃ博物館

I would like to thank Mr. Tsuchida from The Working Car Museum for his kindness and hospitality today. I had an amazing time at his museum looking at his thousands of models, including some of the rarest items I have ever seen. I am proud that Mr. Tsuchida accepted one of my custom PC1250LC Komatsus for his collection. It was really an honor to visit his museum, and the highlight of my stay in Japan. I also thank him for the wonderful really was an amazing time. A special mention also goes to my girlfriend who organized the trip. Without her efforts I would not have been able to find the museum and also have such an in-depth conversation with Mr. Tsuchida. Photos here:

はらたくじどうしゃ博物館の土田さんの心温かさに非常に感謝し、感動しました。彼の素晴らしいコレクションには今まで見たことも無いようなレアー物があり、目移りするほど多いモデルがありました。私が作ったカスタムのPC1250LC KOMATSU を受けっていただき、非常に嬉しいです。日本に居た今までの5年間、色んな経験をしてますが、この日は私の中では一生忘れない、思い出に残る一日でしょう。博物館を見させていただいただけでも本当に光栄でしたのに、素敵なプレゼントまでいただいて本当に申し訳ありません。心から感謝しております。

KATO Models

Here are a couple of KATOs I made from 1/43 models with Case and scratch-built cabins. I hope you like them.